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I Love You More…Than Shoes! Look Inside

It’s mid-afternoon in good old “LA LA”; although the sun is shining it’s tainted with the usual smog that will one day kill everyone that breathes this glorious southern California air. The traffic is bumper to bumper on every freeway, which slowly takes everyone to their destination.
This is not just a place where Stars are made and dreams come true, no this is a place that takes those dreams and sucks them up like a hungry vacuum cleaner and spits out racism, sexism, ageism, uglyism and any other kind of “ism” it can get its hands on. When you’re young and cute it’s the Mecca for prosperity, the land of many opportunities; but when your ass gets old or over the age of 50 and you’re a woman, you’d better pack your bags and move to Wisconsin and start making some cheese. No matter how much money women spend on Botox, face lifts, tit lifts and anything else they can find to keep them looking young … NO ONE CARES …YOUR ASS IS OLD GET OVER IT! But to some it’s not that easy; especially if you’ve been devoting your life to a career that you’re not ready to retire from, so they just keep going and going and going, until they die.

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