Mr. Spielberg?

As I remember it, I’m dressed in a white shirt, tailored skirt with a wide belt. I looked very comfortable. I entered a building with a lot of elevators and bright corridors, I was there to see… MR. STEVEN SPIELBERG.

When I got to his office, his secretary told me that Mr. Spielberg wanted to take me to lunch to discuss business. All I had with me was a copy of my manuscript and a press kit with all my great reviews on my book.

Mr. Spielberg’s office was not as I expected it to be, he entered the room from a back door entrance and asked me to follow him; as we walked I told him about my book and how those that have read it think that it would make a great movie and so do I; but I want to see it produced as a TV series; because there’s nothing on TV for Baby Boomers. The more I talked the more he was interested until he stopped in mid walking when I said… “Women over 50 are not represented on TV and I want to do something about it.” He agreed … and then I woke up.

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